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When that happens, I have gratitude for people who

I adore women. Not all women, of course I not going to pretend there aren some I wouldn like to put in a barrel and drop off the side of a boat, and I know there are women who would happily barrel me into the ocean also, that an unfortunate fact of life, but even those women, I still think about them. They affect me.

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And it has, in unexpected ways. People who have read the book now approach me with a level of intimacy that at first was unsettling, but now I find comforting. There is much less small talk with strangers and much more real talk as we compare stories of our relationships with our sons, our journeys as men, and the challenges of balancing career and family.

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The city’s many businesses rely on the immigrants as customers and workers, and some local businesses are owned by minorities and immigrants. Nearly everyone seems to either work at the plant or know someone who does.Support for the company seems to run hot and cold depending on feedback from a friend or a brother in law. Several workers expressed fear of going to work but fear, in equal measure, of losing their jobs if they complained.The main point of contention appears to be how seriously to take the threat of the coronavirus.For now, Seaboard confirmed, its employees appear to account for roughly half of Texas County’s COVID 19 cases.

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