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We watched the games on the tv

Dr. Christina Ghaly, director of health services, said Wednesday that the demand for testing has increased and that more slots would be added Friday. The county plans to expand testing to areas most impacted by the virus, and Ghaly said individuals who have symptoms, work in high risk settings or have come into contact with someone known to be positive are most in need of testing..

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Tuuka Rask, the goalie the Toronto Maple Leafs traded to Boston for Andrew Raycroft, has been assigned to Providence (AHL) by the Bruins. This hub begins by reviewing the Buck’s 2014 2015 season. After examining Milwaukee’s personnel moves so far during the offseason, this article first analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of the Bucks. It then offers an argument on how the Milwaukee Bucks can be an Eastern Conference contender in the 2015 2016 season..

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Some carnivore ecologists argue, though, that moving the hunt into cities will be self defeating. They say it replicates the very tactics that have allowed coyotes to prosper despite a concerted onslaught against them. In an adaptation that biologists call fission fusion, when coyotes come under pressure from hunters, their packs split up into lone animals and pairs, they start producing much larger litters, and they migrate into new areas..

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