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«These facts matter when assessing challenges to a

The three judge panel all Republican appointees found that the state can restrict early voting hours and restored a requirement that people must live in a district for 28 days, not 10, before they can vote. The panel also said emailing and faxing absentee ballots is unconstitutional.The state’s photo ID requirement for voters wasn’t in question, although the panel did find that expired student IDs are acceptable at the polls and kept intact an option that allows people to vote without an ID if they show an affidavit saying they tried to obtain one.Judge Frank Easterbrook, who wrote the opinion, noted that the restrictions don’t burden people in the state, where voters still enjoy more ways to register, long poll hours on Election Day and absentee voting options than in other states.»Wisconsin has lots of rules that make voting easier,» Easterbrook wrote. «These facts matter when assessing challenges to a handful of rules that make voting harder.»State Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, a Republican who is running for Congress this fall, called the decision a win for fair elections.»The ruling puts municipalities in every corner of Wisconsin closer to equal footing when it comes to early in person voting,» Fitzgerald said.

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