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Shows you how much love the city has for me

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The church group made green shirts for walk participants.Grady and Jessica Williams and their three children attended the walk because of the church’s efforts.Jessica Williams’ mother and niece have cystic fibrosis, and the family participates in the annual cystic fibrosis walk in Farmington. Jessica Williams said her mother and niece both travel outside San Juan County for treatment.Her mother developed cystic fibrosis at age 50, after Grady and Jessica Williams already had their three children, ages 10, 8 and 6. Because the condition is genetic, the couple had their children tested and were relieved the results came back negative.»It was a lot of learning,» Jessica Williams said.

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AND job hunt for after graduation.May god have mercy on my soul.I got carte blanche and decided to make the room Coyotes themed. I going to do 3 walls in this color, with one wall having a big Coyotes wall sticker and the 3 stripes like in the picture. One wall is going to be Coyotes red.My I talked about a few weeks ago and that I received a few days ago will either be framed and hung up in the room or I just wear it.

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