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Sallitt’s directing style tends toward long

According to Saints running back Mark Ingram, he was beat as a child so he could become the best human possible. I don think I heard of any Nobel Peace Prize winners thank their moms for beating them as a kid. I guess he was a lucky one? Arizona Cardinals Darnell Dockett said he was 5 when he got an whoopin with a switch, but it was just tough love.

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We are fighting for you and all the people and businesses hardest hit by this pandemic. Over the course of around 10 years, Sallitt follows Mara (Tallie Medel) and Jo (Norma Kuhling) who have been friends since grade school as Mara copes with the emotional volatility of Jo’s personality. Sallitt’s directing style tends toward long, sustained takes, which can lead to the deceptive early impression that this story will be chilly and formalistic.

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