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Known as ATES (the Avalanche Terrain Exposure Scale)

Boy oh boy, it felt like a ton happened on Sunday. We were ready for an exciting Week 6 waiver wire after last weekwas a bit of a downer. In reality, though, much of the production came from players who were owned. The earlier dams the original Cotter, Bendora and Corin had all been built expressly to supply an expanding city population. Life needs water; you don have cities without water. So the original Cotter Dam was fundamental infrastructure for the new Australian capital.

Canada Goose sale Statham ushered in a new public warning system for backcountry snow users. Known as ATES (the Avalanche Terrain Exposure Scale), it put terrain into three tiers simple, challenging and complex as a third dimension for determining avalanche risk. Previously, only snowfall and weather were considered, so the risk for a large area could be classified «high» regardless of whether you were standing in a known avalanche path or not.. Canada Goose sale

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