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I think he sensed that I was at a time in my life

6th November 2012Tweet: «We all know ppl (people) who always need a ride somewhere. Usually it’s annoying, but today those ppl’s (sic) votes are the difference. Give em (sic) a ride to the polls!» Actress Gabrielle Union urges Americans to help fellow voters get to the polls on election day on Tuesday (06Nov12)..

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I reminded them what they already know. They always part of this program, they welcome back any time, I a better coach for our paths having crossed and that (I) love them more than they ever know. Crushed for our seniors, Pullen added. Bringing them out in the open requires a leg up for traditional lenders in payments, an area where financial technology has left them far behind. It isn’t a coincidence that China’s project picked up speed last year as Facebook Inc. Announced Libra.

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We are addicted to thoughtlessness; we want that feeling back, to put it all behind us, to not have to care. We watch TV, as often as not, not to think. It shows us merely a sliver of the world, or else one that does not actually exist, shorn of desperation and drudgery and less than sensational death.

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