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Her son was 9 year old Alejandro Ripley and was autistic. The boy’s body was found early Friday, May 22, 2020 at a golf course canal. (Miami Dade Corrections and Rehabilitation via AP). Most recently, on May 10, 2020, the New York State Department of Health ordered that all nursing home staff be tested twice a week. This is the most aggressive action taken by any state in the nation. Testing of staff protects both staff and residents and will serve as an early warning sign to stem potential outbreaks in a nursing home..

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The petite size, intricately craved, figurines were made from the tusk of mammoths. The oldest charms found to date, were located throughout Africa. The many different cultures of Africa, adorned their weapons with charms that were made from shells.

Courage, as a trait in a manager/leader attempts many a times to leap beyond wisdom. The belief stemming out of the proverbial ‘fortune favours the bold’ can be disastrous, if the pros and cons of decision making are compromised. A foolish response to a crisis can never be part of a courageous leader/manager.

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Other world leaders including the presidents of France, South Korea and South Africa and Germany’s chancellor were also piped in to throw their support to the WHO, which has been put on the defensive from a Trump administration that has blamed it for mishandling the outbreak and showering excessive praise on China’s response. The European Union and others staked out a middle ground. Travel ban that Trump ordered on people arriving from China..

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