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A court document WAAY31 obtained proves corporal

Certified as a hockey scout through Sports Management Worldwide (SMWW), Beardy worked last season as part time scout and recruiter for the 10th place Alliston Coyotes. He was hired for that role by Alliston’s GM and head coach, Joe Murphy, who was selected first overall by the Detroit Wings in the 1986 NHL draft, played more than 700 games in the league and won a Stanley Cup as an Edmonton Oiler. Murphy found Beardy through a scout website hosted by SMWW..

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I tried to mirror his efforts he put everything out there on the ice and I tried to do the same. And even though we lost the game, it was still by far the most memorable hockey experience of my life. I could feel myself feeding off his fight. Agents in both states started investigating. A court document WAAY31 obtained proves corporal punishment was a repeated problem while the Spurgeons lived in Alabama. Corporal punishment in any form is not allowed in foster homes..

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