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«We made a system that looked like it was maximizing

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia treats first patient with plasma from COVID 19 survivorsThis week, CHOP successfully treated its first pediatric COVID 19 patient with blood plasma donated by a COVID 19 survivor. The treatment is called convalescent plasma. Research shows patients who recover from COVID 19 may have antibodies in their blood plasma that can help fight the virus.

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Houston’s offense came to life in Washington. Alex Bregman, the 41 homer clean up hitter for the Astros, returned to form with a Game 4 grand slam after a previously horrid playoff run. The Game 5 homers by Alvarez and Correa underscored the offensive resurgence.

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In a similar vein, Nobel winning economist Joseph Stiglitz has observed that this crisis lays bare the fatal weakness Cheap Jerseys china of the American social contract, circa 2020. «We built an economy with no shock absorbers,» he told Times business reporter Patricia Cohen. «We made a system that looked like it was maximizing profits but had higher risks and lower resiliency.».

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