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We are supposed to reopen doing 50 percent less

Realize their cost saving potential. Before deciding on the TMS that is best for your needs, you need to first list your business goals. These will determine your requirement document. «If you don’t have enough tests, you need to look at symptomatic testing,» he said, warning that failing to do so could spread the virus further.So far, India’s confirmed caseload of over 100,000 has been concentrated in cities, and the former capital of the British Raj, Kolkata, is no different, accounting for half of the state’s 3,000 odd cases.The pandemic in India is still to peak, with rural areas largely unaffected. In adjacent Bihar state, 1 in 4 migrants who returned from New Delhi had tested positive for the virus.»We were suffering from the economic impact of the coronavirus, dealing with the returning migrants. With the cyclone, the state is now completely destroyed,» said Banerjee.With streets and suburbs flooded, and sanitation systems decimated, the «risk of cholera is very high in urban areas», said Dr.

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