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Volunteers are now finding larger facilities where

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cheap nba basketball jerseys Additionally, many hospital workers stepped up to donate blood as they started seeing the critical need.Now that elective surgeries have resumed, the Red Cross has to continue to step up its efforts to provide enough units to health care systems in Virginia and across the country.Surprisingly, McNamara said the Red Cross hasn’t experienced a great loss in volunteers due to concerns of exposure. Instead, there were more volunteers as the Red Cross continues to on board those willing to help.Volunteers are now finding larger facilities where beds can be spaced out and performing extra sanitizing and disinfection measures in between donations.»I do think this will be our reality for the long term,» he said. «But we’re always re evaluating everything we do if there are new strategies.»As the new blood drives start again, McNamara said the Red Cross encourages people to reach out with any questions and concerns cheap nba basketball jerseys.

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