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This virus which came from China has completely

Herbie’s hometown in the United States raised money for his medical bills. Even some staff volunteered hours. I choked back the tears. Today PaperDiscussions of Ian Thorpe’s coming out aside, it’s time the corporate world got behind gay athletes. All week over water coolers, Gatorade buckets and dinner tables, Australians have been discussing Thorpe’s sexuality, coming out, tell all interview with Michael Parkinson and the broader issue of homosexuality in Australia. All the «who cares» verses «I care» or «you should care» opinion pieces aside, the reality is homophobia exists, and there are very real implications to consider for any LBGT athlete considering coming out.

«During the Little Richard era, Richard had ‘Tutti Frutti’ and I had ‘Robbie Dobbie,’ » he said. There were a few near misses and some regional sales for his songs, but nothing really hit. Or, as Moore succinctly put it to Miller and Linna: «I did not have success in those years.».

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