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There definitely a lot of positives for us coming

The cuts, mandated by a 2011 agreement to raise the federal debt ceiling, will take effect unless lawmakers come up with another deficit reduction plan.CIA director nominee Brennan likely to face Democrats scrutiny at hearingAs President Barack Obama pick for CIA director heads to Capitol Hill for his confirmation hearing Thursday, some in the president own party are threatening to hold up John Brennan nomination.Oregon Democratic Sen. Ron Wyden told reporters he would out all the stops to get answers about the legality of targeting Americans involved with al Qaeda overseas. Wyden was not satisfied with a confidential Justice Department memo that was sent to key congressional committees last year but only became public on Tuesday.Pentagon expected to expand benefits to same sex spousesSecretary of Defense Leon Panetta is expected to announce this week that service members same sex spouses will receive some of those benefits, according to an Obama administration official..

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