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The hospital’s head reported her to a prosecutor for

Liked the fact that he said a hell of a football coach. I think it important we hire a hell of a football coach, Rose said. Took it as a real positive that he had confidence he was a good football coach. Chaudhry then sought to neutralize unfavorable views of Pakistan held by current and former US government officials by employing certain methods of discussion with these individuals during personal interactions with them and/or by controlling and manipulating discussion at the roundtable events he organized or attended,» the Justice Department said. Chaudhry disclosed in his plea agreement that he regularly traveled to Pakistan to brief high level Pakistan government officials on information obtained from his American government and think tank contacts. In consideration for his activities on behalf of the Government of Pakistan, Chaudhry was granted invitations to events at the Pakistan Embassy; introductions to, and meetings with, high level Pakistan government officials; assistance with procuring civilian, military, or government related jobs and preferential postings for relatives and associates in Pakistan; assistance with securing Pakistani visas on an expedited basis for friends, relatives, or associates; reimbursement for certain travel expenses; and the use of diplomatic channels to ship personal items to and from Pakistan, among other things, the Justice Department statement revealed.

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