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The economic standstill created to slow the spread

The Decatur Farmer’s Market is year round and takes place at 2 different locations in the City of Decatur each week. The Wednesday afternoon/evening market (4 7 most of the year, currently 3 6 during the winter) is in the parking lot of the Bank of America building at the intersection of Commerce and Church Streets. The Saturday morning market (10 1 right now, 9 12 after the time changes) is at the intersection of McDonough and Trinity across from the Chick fil a near Decatur High School.

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States and cities across the country have started slicing into budgets crafted during flush economic times, laying off workers and delaying major infrastructure projects in a dash to balance the books. The economic standstill created to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus sent tax revenue nationwide into a nosedive at the same time governments have ramped up spending on the pandemic response. The recent resurgence of coronavirus cases across the South and West have further muddied hope for a prompt economic turnaround.

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