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ESPN reported that the NBA has a meeting scheduled Wednesday to discuss how to proceed. Celtics broadcaster Mike Gorman, during his weekly appearance on the «Toucher and Rich» radio program Tuesday, said what so many of us suspect.’I think we’re going to be playing games in empty arenas pretty soon. Sooner than people think.’.

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When the moderator asked about whether police should be required by law to make public the names of officers who shoot civilians, Gray demurred. «I don’t know if just disclosing the name of the officer is going to serve a constructive purpose,» he said. Green flashed back: «Mothers deserve to know the names of individuals that killed their sons, period.

Snowden had been a Hawaii based NSA contractor before he made the decision to give Gellman the trove of documents. After the Guardian and Gellman at the Washington Post first published their stories, Snowden then shared highly classified material with the Hong Kong based South China Morning Post revealing NSA targets inside China, a revelation that seemed unrelated to his professed concern about wanting to protect the privacy of American citizens. Intelligence gathering efforts in China to the South China Morning Post, Gellman said he would not defend what Snowden did.»I have no defense of the South China Morning Post story; Snowden’s view was that he was showing that even universities and hospitals Cheap Jerseys free shipping that is, not defense facilities or foreign ministers were a target,» Gellman said of the disclosures to a hostile foreign government.

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