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Some of the factors that propel a cabling company to

Since arriving on campus last fall, Dr. Baudry has become an integral part of the Department undergraduate and graduate programs, including its cross disciplinary Biotechnology Science and Engineering doctoral program. He is also working closely with the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology, whose 150 acre campus is home to genomics technology and genomic investigators with experience in large scale projects such as the Human Genome Project, the Cancer Genome Atlas, and the Encyclopedia of DNA Elements Project (ENCODE)..

Resting on the shelf beside the sports desk is the Knife The Daily Californian and the Stanford Daily’s own version of the Axe. While our respective NCAA football teams have the Axe to fight for, we have a small X Acto knife taped on to a plaque (or at least a nice looking plank of wood). Every football season, before the Big Game, we in the Bay Area student journalism world compete in an even more intense athletic compettition: the Ink Bowl..

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