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Riveron is maintaining a «clear and obvious» standard

Per longtime NFL reporter Rick Gosselin, penalties have climbed from 11.8 per game for 97.3 yards in 2009, to 13.2 per game for 111.1 yards in 2014, to 14.9 per game for 124.5 yards this year. Riveron is maintaining a «clear and obvious» standard, basically telling coaches that the play has to be as egregiously missed as the call in the Rams Saints NFC Championship game for Riveron to overturn it.»We’re not re officiating these plays,» Goodell said. «If it’s something close and there’s not obvious and clear evidence, it’s going to stay with whatever is called on the field.»This is not what the NFL’s head coaches expected when they strong armed the competition committee and the 32 owners into approving this new rule in March.»I have no idea what I am going to do moving forward, because it appears to be a moving target,» Steelers coach Mike Tomlin, one of the 10 people on the competition committee, said earlier this month.The pass interference/replay rules were approved on a one year conditional basis, and competition committee chairman Rich McKay said the league won’t make any judgments until after the full season has played out.

«It shouldn’t be that hot to affect either team, either way,» Dan Marino said Tuesday in a phone interview. «I think 70s is pretty nice weather. That’s easy to play in. Part of the Lucchese crime family in New York. He was a pretty famous mobster. There was a book about him and his crew, «The Boys from New Jersey,» that detailed how the feds took his whole organization to trial in the 1980s and lost.

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