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Perversely, his false dichotomy between saving lives

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cheap jerseys For another, liberals appear to be the only people willing to do what it takes to save the economy, which is not some hasty «reopening,» but a major government stimulus program that pumps in as much money as needed (and then raising taxes the rich to recoup the losses).But these provocations from O’Reilly and other conservatives who say they don’t mind letting people die to save the economy are surprisingly effective. They generate the desired outrage from liberals and, more important, they pull the focus away from the urgent discussion this country needs to have, which is about how to save lives and rebuild our economy.This narrative about the «deep state» and «political correctness» is Donald Trump’s last ditch re election strategy. Perversely, his false dichotomy between saving lives and saving the economy works better if it remains hypothetical, which is to say, if the economy isn’t «reopened.» That way, Trump can spin fantasies of how great things would have been if we had just listened to him, and claim that conditions only got worse because the snowflake liberals got their way. cheap cheap jerseys jerseys

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Cheap Jerseys from china «This decision comes at a cost of many hours and a financial burden to respond effectively to slow or stop the spread of COVID 19.NBC News70 cases of COVID 19 at French schools days after reopeningJust one week after a third of French schoolchildren went back to school in an easing of coronavirus lockdowns, a worrying flareup of about 70 COVID 19 cases has been linked to schools. Some lower grades were opened last week, and 150,000 more junior high students went back to the classroom Monday as further restrictions were loosened by the government. The decision drew prompt condemnation from the United States, which has been blaming China for covering up the early days of coronavirus outbreak and for refusing to share data about the virus with the rest of the world. Cheap Jerseys from china

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