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It was simple, yet to the point

Sorry for the delay, I had so much work to do today and goals to accomplish that I couldn’t let this negativity take me off my mission. Although I would admit that it was a big distraction, I still manage to get my work done To all my supporters thank you for your kind words. I didn’t get a chance to read everyone’s stuff, cuz I was working majority of the day but the ones I saw I commented on I appreciate the love and continuos support.

Hitch hikers may surprise you a lot of times by their unusual open ness and behaviour. They would not hesitate to ask you for help, if need be, and in any form. They may also appear odd and out of step with typical social norms or etiquettes because that the way they make it to the next stop rested and well fed.

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For example, if you need more space in your kitchen, make sure you discuss it with your service provider during the planning phase itself. Ask them about the projects of kitchen remodels in Johnson City they have worked on. This will give you some inspiration too.