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His predecessor, Ehud Olmert, went to prison for

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Cheap Jerseys china The next hearing was scheduled for July 19.Before the session, Netanyahu said police and prosecutors had conspired to «tailor» a case against him, and said the evidence was «contaminated» and exaggerated. He called for the court proceedings to be broadcast live on TV to ensure «full transparency.»»While the media continues to deal with nonsense, with these false, trumped up cases, I will continue to lead the state of Israel and deal with issues that really matter to you,» he said, including to resuscitate the economy and prepare for a possible second wave of the coronavirus.Netanyahu is not the first prime minister to go on trial. His predecessor, Ehud Olmert, went to prison for corruption but resigned long before the trial.Netanyahu’s fitness for office was the key issue in the three deadlocked elections over the past year. Cheap Jerseys china

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Cheap Jerseys free shipping He doesn’t play by the rules, he is unburdened by a commitment to honesty, he’s not restrained by the usual concerns about what’s irresponsible or dangerous for the country. And the people most likely to be taken in by his lies aren’t the people reading newspapers.All the investigations and fact checks and ad watches in the world aren’t likely to reach those who matter most. Trump has his own direct connection to his people; he doesn’t need the media to get his message out. Cheap Jerseys free shipping

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