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He led the club with 68 blocked shots

The town of Plymouth is very important to the state of Massachusetts as well, as it was here where the Mayflower pilgrims first settled down and the city where the first Thanksgiving was celebrated. It was founded in the year 1620, and is fondly known as America’s Hometown. The city derives its name from Plymouth city in England, from where the Mayflower had set sail.

According to the most recent polls Haran stated, the two primary candidates for the next President of Ukraine are Victor Yushchenko of the «Our Ukraine» bloc with 22.6 percent of the vote, and Petro Symonenko of the Communist Party of Ukraine with 13.6 percent. The demographic support of both candidates is clear cut, with Yushchenko dominating the electorate in the northern and western regions, and Symonenko holding the southeast. Haran foresees that the prospects of a race in 2004 between these two candidates is likely and in favor of Yushchenko, pending his continued position that President Kuchma not be prosecuted following the 2004 election.

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