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Following a pause, she confesses that of the reasons

When we look at our gorgeous night sky, we can count about 9,000 stars (combining north and south hemisphere views) with the naked eye. We now know, however, that there are at least 170 billion galaxies in the universe, with an average of 3 to 400 billion stars in each galaxy. This gives a massive total of about 59.5 by 1021, or about 60 septillion stars, in the observable universe.

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I never know WHAT the LORD would have me study or write on next, but at this time I have been compelled to take on the task. In order to find out who or what the seven spirits of God ARE, we have to first accept what Revelation clearly states they are: the seven lamps of fire, seven horns and seven eyes of the Lamb found in Rev 4:6 and 5:6. Truly, the Bible interprets these for us! Likewise, I wanted to know more about the seven stars He holds in His right hand (Rev 1:20; 3:1).

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