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But, more urgently, they charged her with working to

Methodist leaders had ordained her in 1984, yes, to preach. But, more urgently, they charged her with working to bridge divisions along race, class and other fault lines. The 1919 race massacre, and its residue, give Elaine a singularly rarefied place along that fraught trajectory..

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But the health secretary’s worst moment came when he was asked about his «test, track and trace app» that only a few weeks ago he was telling the country would be key to easing lockdown restrictions, but has now gone missing in action. It was due to be launched nationwide in mid May, but now Matt can’t even bring himself to mention it in polite conversation. Selective amnesia..

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A: That is going to be very beneficial to me. «Broken» Matt Hardy is such a fun character. I get some flack; Matt Hardy is a polarizing character, too, because AEW more or less is a serious promotion and they definitely focus more on in ring and some of the die hard fans (say) this «Broken» Matt Hardy this isn’t what we want to see.

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