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And we came back, and we won

We might not see situations like yours often simply because there’s a gap between the features and traits we’re most attracted to and those available to us in people around us. Accordingly, it is possible that neither you nor the new guy entirely reflects your ex’s mate preferences, but your ex missed you and came as close as he could to replacing you when choosing his next boyfriend. Apparently, he picked him up not at the bar but at Costco, where the products we know and love come in more generous packages: «Dumpster sized,» «Grand Canyon sized,» and «black hole sized extra value pack.».

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Mile 15.5: My mom and Julie save the day by showing up just when I thinking that I won be able to make it. When I see them on the side of the road, I get a burst of adrenaline. I stop with them for about 30 seconds to talk politics, religion and philosophy, and by the time I begin running again, I feel revitalized.

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