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American make up a big share of Europe’s tourism

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https://www.newjerseysbuy.com Montour said, had more time to get ready for this game. He came on pretty late and had to get ready and do it, so I think I was more prepared, and I think that was all she wrote. Replied, going to be practicing all year for this one. Britain dropped out of the EU in January and maintains its own rules, requiring arriving travellers to go into 14 day self quarantine.President Donald Trump suspended the entry of most Europeans in March.American make up a big share of Europe’s tourism industry, and the summer is a key period. More than 15 million Americans travel to Europe each year, while some 10 million Europeans head across the Atlantic.The news was a blow to revenue starved shopkeepers hoping for a summertime boom.»Americans were 50% of my clientele,» said Paola Pellizzari, who owns a mask and jewelry shop on the Saint Louis island in the heart of Paris and heads its business association. «We can’t substitute that clientele with another.»The Louvre museum is scheduled to reopen July 6.

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