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A spokesperson for the university said that Ms Reade

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Cheap Jerseys from china She said she changed her name in an effort to maintain distance from an abusive ex partner. She also claimed she worked as a visiting professor on and off for five years.A spokesperson for the university said that Ms Reade had never attended the university and that she was never a faculty member, but did provide administrative work.Questions over Ms Reade’s educational credentials may throw into question court cases in which she testified as an expert witness.According to a New York Times investigation, Ms Reade acted as a government witness on domestic violence cases in Monterey County for nearly a decade. As a result, a number of California defence lawyers are considering challenging the convictions of clients whose cases included testimony by Ms Reade.Ms Reade became the subject of intense media scrutiny after she publicly claimed Mr Biden sexually assaulted her in 1993.She claimed that Mr Biden pressed her against a wall and groped her underneath her clothes, which culminated in him penetrating her with his finger.Ms Reade filed a criminal complaint with police on 9 April 2020 regarding the incident.Mr Biden has faced several claims from women accusing him of inappropriate touching Cheap Jerseys from china.

1 комментарий: A spokesperson for the university said that Ms Reade